• Prevent burglary and theft
  • Have affordable high quality security officers.
  • Have  state Licensed and certified security

Best Guard Services  Established in 2005,Best Guard Services
LLC Established in 2012 the company’s founder, Billy Anderson,
developed Best Guard Services to help clients protect
themselves, there assets & employees.     

We have an excellent reputation in the private security,event
staffing and protection industry in the Wisconsin area.

Our Company success depends upon each one of our clients.
We will work  with our clients as a team in all of our interactions.
We seek to build relationships based on teamwork,
responsibility and open communication. We welcome your
enthusiasm, commitment, involvement and new ideas.
We Provide Radios,Cell Phones
and Security Wands
Email: bestguardservices@yahoo.com
Email: security@bestguardservices.com
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Best Guard Services LLC
"Your Safety is our first concern"  
"We are not just  another  security company we are the future"

   ** Confidential, Experienced, Organized, Professional **
Licensed    Bonded   Insured
 Best Guard Service BBB Business Review
  • Have timely and cost effective services, tailored
    to the client’s needs.
Our focus is to:
A TAX Services Building
3902 North Mayfair Rd Ste 2  
Wauwatosa WI 53222
Phone 414-745-4738
fax: 414-461-2009
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