Best Guard Services LLC
Your  friendly helper
Best Guard Services LLC
Having a door person/Guard  in your building, hotel, motel or apartment complex
lobby makes a statement like no other. A door person/Guard is a warm friendly
alternative to a standard uniformed security guard and provides a wealth of
hospitality services that residents or customers truly value. It increases your
property's demand and raises your services to a new level.

It is an added service that will turn your property into a luxury apartment or hotel.
You will also find the offering of door person/Guard services has become an
exceptional benefit for attracting new tenants or keeping existing tenants in a
competitive real estate market.

At Best Guard Services we provide a professional door person at your property
who is able to handle any number of requests that comes their way, while also
being a licensed and bonded security guard capable of dealing with any number of
security concerns. Our company caters to the unique needs and desires of your
organization or building, and takes pride in offering only the best services for you.